About me


My name is Lilla Galfi and my mission is to enable organisations and individuals to discover their strengths and build on them to make a difference in the world. I am passionate about working with people and organisations who care about our environment, sustainability, animal welfare and social development.

After an international business career of 10+ years in the areas of communications, project management, talent development and environmental protection, I have set out to walk my own path and founded Galfi Consulting in 2016. My goal is to share my business expertise and enable mission-driven organisations to reach their goals and maximize their ability to bring about change in the world.  In the last years I have worked with various organisations (such as WWF and Save the Children) and helped them to identify their strengths, develop their flagship projects and inspire people inside and outside their organisations.

In my experience the key for making a difference is discovering your core strenghts, making changes one step at a time and using a different approach, that creates more structure, clarity and enhances motivation.


How would you like to work together?

If you are a mission-driven organisation, I could help you to:

- identify what you stand for and what your strengths are (your culture, values, mission and vision),
- set the direction where you want to go (strategy and main projects) and
- inspire people inside and outside of your organisation.
My strengths are seeing the big picture, sensing and analyzing what is going on and connecting the dots and the people to make things happen. My approach is inquisitive, kind and firm, and I build connections with people based on my values, inclusiveness and integrity. My working languages are English, Dutch and Hungarian.
You can see my previous projects and recommendations here on my website.


If you are an individual passionate about making a difference:

I believe that when you get to know yourself, your values and motivations and develop yourself in a compassionate way, you are able to give to the world your best talents and live from your heart. You create a better world by reconnecting with yourself, others and nature. I share my own journey in my blog on www.AGivingJourney.com and offer workshops and personal coaching to people who are on the same giving journey. If you would like to get to know yourself better, connect with like-minded people and reconnect with nature, check out the Giving Journey website.



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