Strategy and training for NGOs on business engagement

I advised IUCN Netherlands on their business engagement strategy for the 'Shared Resources, Joint Solutions' program. This is a 5-year-long environmental and social development program that they are running with many NGO partners, in more than 15 developing countries. The strategy that I helped to build focused on enabling small NGOs in developing countries to engage local or multinational businesses.

Subsequently I developed a learning trajectory for these NGOs to build their capacity on business engagement. The trajectory is in a blended learning format, it includes virtual and face-to-face sessions, peer-to-peer learning and one-on-one coaching. I developed the materials, including the content of the sessions, facilitators' notes and worksheets. The goal is to have a large group of NGOs skilled up via this trajectory in the course of the 5-year program, who will create their strategy and successfully engage businesses in order to protect ecosystems.

Lilla has developed the business engagement training for NGOs for the IUCN Netherlands ‘Shared Resources, Joint Solutions’ program. She also contributed to the development of the program by advising on the strategy, doing research and integrating the results and recommendations. I got to know Lilla as an excellent strategic, reliable and knowledgeable professional, who is building effective relationships and adding a lot of value by using her business experience. I would like to recommend Lilla.

Joost van Montfort Programme Manager, IUCN NL