CSR policy and action plan

I have developed the CSR policy of Save the Children in The Netherlands.

Their CSR policy is formalizing the steps already taken by the organization related to people and the environment and sets out the ambition on how to grow further in these areas.


I started this project with assessing what steps have already been taken and done an internal reasearch involving several colleagues. I have used the internationally accepted ISO 26000 guidelines to draw up a baseline and made recommendations as to what their ambition could be. Based on our joint understanding of their progress and ambitions I drew up the CSR policy and action plan. 

Upon approval of the leadership team, I have shared the findings, the policy and action plan with the whole organisation on an engagement session. As last step, I have worked with colleagues to develop the implementation plan. I rounded up the project by helping them with practical steps such as formulating how to integrate the policy requirements into their processes and their external communications.